Chango Education

Every day is an adventure

A Unique Camp Experience


For nearly a decade, Chango has been dedicated to inspiring personal development through outdoor education programs. Led by the values of “safety, entertainment, and freedom”, our programs lead children on an outdoor journey in the pursuit of self-awareness, mutual understanding, and individuality. WE LET NATURE TEACH CHILDREN TO GROW.
Our various camps let children walk through the world step by step; touching, feeling, seeing, hearing, and even tasting the essence of life. Through exploration and by challenging themselves, the children will open their minds, know themselves, and shape their individuality.
Every day is an adventure
We do much more than just offer outdoor adventure programs. From sports and art to geography and culture, we design each program to have a specific focus, providing the participants with a novel, immersive, and friendly environment. Our camps will spur children to develop their social, physical, and artistic potential, which will help them grow into creative, confident, and optimistic young people.
A Unique Camp Experience
Chango’s programs make study more entertaining, engaging, and in-depth. To choose Chango is to have an unforgettable memory and a unique friendship.
A caring environment

All of our programs are people-oriented. Our coaches, “The Chango Family”, are brought together by the shared qualities of optimism, passion, kindness, and good humor. They are idealists as well as pragmatists, and are both young and responsible. In the company of our participants, our young coaches are not just coaches but also friends, caretakers, and motivators.