Chango Education

Every day is an adventure

A Unique Camp Experience

Adventure Camp

The essence of education is to inspire and encourage. Chango Outdoor Exploration Camp allows children to pursue beauty with enthusiasm and joy. Our programs vary from tying knots, campfire making, handicrafts, cave exploration, etc. All of them allow children to improve their survival skills whilst doing something different and new. By finding their inner strength, the children can make a change.

The Global Leadership Program is an advanced program of the Ourdoor Exploration Camp, allowing students to develop leadership skills, and cultivate personal qualities to better serve society while exploring places with unique geographical features. The survival skills they’ll learn vary from hiking on expeditions to using their gear to trek through snow and go horseback riding. The children will reach their full potential, and pave their way to become global leaders.

Global Leader

Sports Camp

Sport is a part of human nature. To have a passion for sport can bring a lifetime of benefits. Our professional coaches encourage children to follow their passion, and let their natural talents shine. At the same time, their athletic skills will improve, and by joining new groups they will gain confidence and gain a sense of achievement.

When it comes to teaching, nature triumphs over all. Say goodbye to cramming, and forget about boring lectures. Chango Academic Camp puts children in nature, where they can put their knowledge into practice, learning about nature with a feeling of curiosity. Experiential learning makes knowledge vivid and intriguing, and stimulates children’s inner drive to learn and explore, so as to arouse their proactivity in learning.
Academic Camp
Culture Camp

The best way to learn is through experience. Chango Culture Camp is a journey combining history and geography, which brings the campers a different life, enriches their cultures, and deepens their bond with nature and cultures.
Develop new athletic, artistic, and critical-thinking skills.
Our Goals
Learn to be independent.
Improve social skills
Have fun!
Expose ourselves to new environments.
Respect oneself and be responsible not only to ourselves but also for those around us.