Chango Education

Every day is an adventure

A Unique Camp Experience

Camper safety is our top priority. Chango is a place for you to feel safe: safe to do things you’ve never done before, and safe to have a whole lot of fun! Chango provides a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment where you feel safe to become a better person.

Supervision is the key to a great camp experience. We spared no effort to make sure no child is ever left unattended, and no staff member is ever alone with just one child. Every member of our team has gone through intense staff training that includes basic first aid and CPR, conflict resolution, emergency procedures, homesickness, positive praise, bullying prevention, and core values recognition.
Our campers walk away with increased self-esteem, new friends, and a willingness to try new things. An experience at Chango is more than just about acquiring new skills – it’s about learning how to live well.
Chango puts great care into creating opportunities for campers to build resilience. Our program allows children to develop self-awareness, mindfulness, responsibility, and an ability create positive relationships with others, and to discover yourself. Chango is a safe place for children to try new things without feeling any pressure.
One of the greatest joys in life is an opportunity to have a sense of accomplishment. Chango means exploring endless possibilities. Campers learn, grow and gain new life experiences. They create friendships and memories that last a lifetime.
Chango Staff
Profession, meticulous

Joined by a shared understanding of education, we take “edutainment” as our guiding philosophy. All of our efforts are channeled into building a safe and happy environment for children to grow up in. To ensure that, we have received systematic professional training and are proficient in outdoor first aid skills. We encourage children to step out of their comfort zone, guide them to explore themselves, and cultivate their ability to survive on their own. We are their coaches as well as their friends.

Lead By Example

What distinguishes Chango’s staff is their enthusiasm, energy, and care. We strive to bring the children a creative camping experience in which they’ll thrive.

Each camper is encouraged and supported to reach and go beyond their full potential in their chosen activities.